Class E: Commercial, business and service uses
Class F.1: Learning and non-residential institutions
Class F.2: Local community uses
Sui generis: In use class of its own

Use Up To 31/08/20 From 01/09/20
Shop not more than 280 sq.m mostly selling essential goods, including food and at least 1km from another similar shop A1 F.2
Shop A1 E
Financial and professional services (not medical) A2 E
Café or restaurant A3 E
Pub or drinking establishment A4 Sui generis
Takeaway A5 Sui generis
Office other than a use within Class A2 B1a E
Research and development of products or processes B1b E
For any industrial process (which can be carried out in any residential area without causing detriment to the amenity of the area) B1c E
Industrial B2 B2
Storage or distribution B8 B8
Hotels, boarding and guest houses C1 C1
Residential institutions C2 C2
Secure residential institutions C2a C2a
Dwelling houses C3 C3
Use of a dwelling house by 3-6 residents as a ‘house in multiple occupation’ C4 C4
Clinics, health centres, creches, day nurseries, day centre D1 E
Schools, non-residential education and training centres, museums, public libraries, public halls, exhibition halls, places of worship, law courts D1 F.1
Cinemas, concert halls, bingo halls and dance halls D2 Sui generis
Gymnasiums, indoor recreations not involving motorised vehicles or firearms D2 E
Hall or meeting place for the principal use of the local
D2 F.2
Indoor or outdoor swimming baths, skating rinks and outdoor sports or recreations not involving motorised vehicles or firearms D2 F.2